The longest month of the year is nearly over, well done! You’ve almost made it through January 2021, a month that seemed to be made up of 31 individual months.

A big month means big gaming news, so strap yourselves in while we take you on a whistle-stop tour of the biggest gaming news stories of the last two weeks.

Ubisoft Working on Star Wars Open World Game

Lucasfilm and Ubisoft have announced a partnership to create a story-driven open-world Star Wars game. The untitled game will be developed by Swedish devs Massive Entertainment, the team behind The Division and its sequel. So far we have absolutely no details about what we can expect from the game, it’s that early in development, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on a place far, far away (Sweden) for more details.

New Overwatch Tokyo-inspired Map

A brand new map for Overwatch has been released. Titled Destination: Kanezaka, players will dive into the mean streets of Tokyo beneath the beautiful Shimada Castle in a free-for-all deathmatch map. In addition to the map a small ‘micro-event’ is currently live until the 25th of January. Known as the Kanezaka Challenge, it gives competing players a chance to win the Kyōgisha Hanzo Skin, new sprays, and a player icon for winning matches.

Bethesda Announces New Indiana Jones Game

January has been simply jam-packed with Lucasfilm news. Bethesda have announced that they’re also teaming up with Lucasfilm to develop a brand new Indiana Jones game. The team behind this new game is Machine Games, developers of the rebooted Wolfenstein games. Much like the Star Wars game earlier in this roundup, we don’t have any details about how the game will play or look just yet, but we know at least Indy’s trademark whip will be making an appearance.

AGDQ Raises Almost $3 Million for Charity

With COVID-19 disrupting much of the world, many events have sadly been cancelled. Not the yearly Awesome Games Done Quick, however. The celebration of everything speedrunning has gone ahead as a fully online event, and this year they raised over $2.75 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Something truly remarkable, especially in these difficult times.

Fuse Comes to Apex Legends

The newest character to come to Apex Legends is the Australian Legend Fuse, who’ll be joining the game as part of its 8th season on February the 2nd. At the time of writing we don’t have many details about how exactly Fuse will play, but we know that he’s an explosives expert and it’s expected that incendiary bombs will form a large part of his loadout. Fuse will be available in Season 8, along with a new 30-30 repeater and an overhaul of Kings Canyon.

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