Will you ensure the safety of The Bridge, or follow Jones’ footsteps to enforce its demise? Everyone has a role to fill in Fortnite Impostors.

Impostors is an all-new Fortnite experience where players assuming the role of Agents aim to maintain order at the IO’s top secret facility: The Bridge. An Impostor (or two Imposters in matches with 8-10 players) seek to disrupt it.

Secure Victory as an Agent

It’s up to the Agents of the Imagined Order to keep The Bridge functioning at full capacity. Take part in unique assignments, such as cleaning the Battle Bus, delivering Storm reports, or button mashing on the arcade machine. Be on the lookout for eliminated allies as you complete your Assignments!

Complete your Assignments with haste, Agent. You never know what dubious Impostors lurk in the shadows waiting to strike (or turn you into Peely). As you complete your Hosting Assignments, be on the lookout for your eliminated allies. Find an ally’s Fragment? Report it! Agents will then be called to the bridge to root out the Impostor.

It’s up to the crew to point out any suspicious behavior, but be on your toes! Any fellow Agents could be masquerading as an Impostor.

Fortnite Imposters

Disrupt the Flow as an Impostor

Who’s ready for a little chaos? The Impostors must do anything it takes to stop the Agents from protecting The Bridge, before having their true identity revealed. Shut down Assignments, displace everyone, and even throw a Peely Party! All of these are ways the Impostor can throw a wrench into the Agents’ plans.

  • Momentarily halt all progress on Assignments. Doing this will give you more time to take down The Bridge.
  • Teleport Players – The good ole’ switcheroo. Relocate all Agents and Impostors to somewhere else on the bridge. This confusion should be enough to cover your footsteps.
  • Peely Party – For a short time, turn all Agents and Impostors into Peely, so you can blend in with the crowd and split!!

Impostors will also have a list of Assignments they should complete, if they want to earn the Agents’ trust; but don’t be too diligent with your work. Completing Assignments will put the Agents closer to completing their goal.

Fortnite Imposters

Communication is Key! 

Communication is the key to securing a safe Bridge, Agent. While public voice chat is disabled to keep gameplay fair, you can still chat with your group in party chat, and use the newly added Emotes and Quick Chat menu to communicate with your fellow Agents (or Impostors).

Select the “Private” option when queuing into Impostors if you only want to play with your group of friends. This option does require at least four players in your party to launch this custom version of Impostors. For the best experience, we recommend a full group of ten or fill your group into a public lobby.

Four to seven player matches will only have one Impostor, while eight or more will result in two Impostors to disrupt The Bridge. Additionally, you can change your party settings by selecting the Gear icon in your friends list. There are a few options here that can let you customize how many players you let into your party.

Vote Out The Impostors!

Make sure to have Discussions with the party to check in on fellow Agents and to discuss the Impostors’ infiltration efforts. Discussions can be called by discovering and reporting eliminated Agents, or by interacting with the Discussion panel in The Bridge’s center room. Agents and Imposters can communicate with each other via Emotes and the Quick Chat menu. It’s up to the Agents to ask the hard-hitting questions and accuse the right suspect — before ejecting them.

Fortnite Imposters

At the end of every Discussion, Agents and Impostors will either vote to eject someone, or skip the vote. Listen closely to what your fellow Agents are telling you, as they could be trying to deceive you! If the player voted out was actually an Agent, then the Imposters become one step closer to eliminating everyone and taking over The Bridge. (Note: Playing with a keyboard plugged into your console? Players using AZERTY keyboards or non-default keybinds will need to join a Fortnite Impostors game to adjust their Keybind Settings for this game mode.)

The Fate of The Bridge is up to you, Agents (or Impostors). Choose wisely in this new mode!!

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